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Severe Respiratory Infections

DEVELOPMENT IN SEVERE RESPIRATORY INFECTIONSIn preclinical and clinical studies, bemcentinib has shown activity in reducing the morbidity and morality resulting from severe respiratory infections. AXL the target of bemcentinib plays a key role in the ability of viruses to enter cells and replicate while also dampening helpful immune responses to fight off the virus and slowing repair of damaged lung tissue.

Bemcentinib has been studied in two Phase 2 trials in hospitalized COVID-19 where it showed promising efficacy and safety. Bemcentinib has also been entered into a Ph2b Investigator Led Trial known as the EUSolid Act platform study. In April 2023, BerGenBio and the EUSolidAct announced that the bemcentinib arm of the study was being paused due to reduced COVID-19 hospital admissions. The study will remain open and the opportunity exists for the bemcentinib arm to be reopened should COVID-19 hospitalizations increase or a new pandemic emerge.

Work is on-going in collaboration with major academic centers to further evaluate bemcentinib in preclinical models relevant to severe respiratory infections resulting from a number of additional pathogens.