About BerGenBio


BerGenBio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs for aggressive diseases, including cancer and severe respiratory infections

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AXL: a promising target to treat life-threatening diseases

BerGenBio is developing two highly selective and potent AXL inhibitors bemcentinib and tilvestamab

Key Roles of AXL

  • Invasion/Migration
  • Drug resistance
  • Proliferation
  • Survival
  • Immune suppression
  • Viral entry cofactor
  • Immune supression
  • Extracellular matric production
  • Migration
  • Basal cell proliferation
  • Reduced cytokine signalling

BGB’s AXL Inhibiters

    Bemcentinib (bgb324)
  • Orally bioavailable small molecule TKI
  • Potent, selective AXL inhibition
  • Once-a-day administration
  • Favorable safety profile
  • Single agent and combination activity
    tilvestamab (bgb149)
  • Anti-AXL fully humanized monoclonal antibody
  • Highly selective to human AXL
  • Stable formulation, scalable manufacturing process
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Business model: R&D excellence and strategic partnerships

BerGenBio is leveraging its solid leadership position in understanding the role of AXL in diseases of high unmet need to develop a diversified pipeline of selective AXL inhibitors.

Partnerships based on BerGenBio’s pioneering R&D are being employed strategically with:

ADC Therapeutics SA, a Swiss biotechnology firm, with whom BerGenBio has entered a licensing agreement to develop an AXL-ADC.

An extensive network of leading clinical sites and key opinion leaders with whom BerGenBio works to ideally position its investigational product candidates.