Management Team

BerGenBio’s management team is composed of experienced biopharma executives with a drive for creating novel therapeutics for cancer.

Martin Olin - CEO at BerGenBio

Martin Olin

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Olin joined BerGenBio as Chief Executive Officer in 2021…

Rune Skeie - CFO at BerGenBio

Rune Skeie

Chief Financial Officer

Rune Skeie joined BerGenBio as Chief Financial Officer in 2018…

Cristina Oliva - CMO at BerGenBio

Cristina Oliva

Chief Medical Officer

Cristina Oliva, MD, joined BerGenBio as Chief Medical Officer in…

Gayle Mills - CBO at BerGenBio

Gayle Mills

Chief Business Officer

Gayle Mills joined BerGenBio as Chief Business Officer in 2021…