Technology Platform

CellSelect™ ™ is a proprietary suite of complimentary technologies developed by BerGenBio and used to identify and validate novel drug targets and biomarkers.

CellSelect™ has a broad application but and has been used by BerGenBio’s primary focus ispredominantly for oncology drug discovery resulting in the identification and validation of AXL kinase as an important drug target.

Unique features of CellSelect™ include:

  • “Ask-the-cell” phenotypic screening using RNAi library
  • Proprietary RNAi library of >7600 gene / 2.5m RNAi elements
  • CellSelect™ Imaging allows cell sorting, selection and in-vivo disease imaging
  • CellSelect™ Modelling and Regulated state-of-the-art translational tools for disease and treatment in-vivo modelling

Key benefits:

  • Identify novel targets missed by other technologies
  • Identify mode of action
  • Identification of escape pathways and the mechanisms of drug resistance
  • Potential elimination of off-target effects (adverse side-effects)
  • Model disease and treatment scenarios by acting as a ‘surrogate drug’ administered with precise clinical intervention.