Our Approach

The detection and treatment of primary cancer has improved significantly in recent years, however frequently patients relapse from treatment as cancers become drug resistant and recur as secondary or metastatic tumours in solid cancers, and as treatment-resistant disease in liquid (or haematological) cancers. At this point, the tumour cells tend to be very aggressive; meaning they can evade our immune system and are drug resistant.

Effective therapeutic options for such aggressive cancers represent a significant unmet medical need.

Understanding what triggers the change from treatable to resistant cancers and how these aggressive cancers spread, evade the immune system, and acquire drug resistance is a major health issue.

Since our foundation, BerGenBio has developed and applied proprietary technologies to better understand the biological drivers of these aggressive cancer cells and to discover and develop novel drugs for treating patients with these cancers.

Using our CellSelectâ„¢ platform technology, we have validated a key target on tumour cells called AXL kinase that mediates the transformation of cancer cells into their aggressive form. This process is called the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT).

We have protected this understanding with intellectual property rights and are developing first-in-class selective AXL kinase inhibitor drugs and companion diagnostics. We are progressing our lead drug candidate, BGB324 in human clinical trials in multiple cancer indications.