BerGenBio seeks to exploit its deep understanding of AXL kinase biology, a key mechanism that drives liquid and solid cancers to become aggressive, immune-evasive and drug resistant.

90 percent of cancer deaths are due to immune evasion, drug resistance, and metastatic disease and high AXL kinase expression is correlated with poor prognosis in multiple cancer types.

BerGenBio believes that its first-in-class selective AXL kinase inhibitors will prevent and reverse these aggressive traits to deliver improved outcomes for cancer patients.

Today we have a pipeline of drug candidates that are selective and potent inhibitors of AXL kinase activity: small molecules that are orally bioavailable and biologics (monoclonal antibodies and antibody drug conjugates, ADCs). These candidates are in clinical and preclinical development to investigate their use in a range of liquid and solid cancers, as single agents and in combination with established immuno-oncology products.

Furthermore, measuring AXL kinase expression on tumor cells presents a clear opportunity to develop companion diagnostics that will enable the stratification of patients in clinical trials, and also the identification of cancer patients most likely to respond to treatment with BerGenBio’s novel drug candidates.

BerGenBio identified the importance of AXL kinase through use of its proprietary CellSelect™ target discovery and validation technology.