BerGenBio is developing a pipeline of first-in-class selective AXL kinase inhibitors for aggressive liquid and solid cancers. We are developing orally available small molecule Axl inhibitor drugs (BGB324) and biologics (antibody and ADCs) that target Axl kinase.

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  • Phase 3
BGB324 - AXL kinase inhibitor (oral) SUMMARY

BGB324 - highly selective, orally bio-available small molecule AXL inhibitor. Multiple Phase Ib clinical trials are on going and selected Phase II trials planned to start in 2017.

Target: Axl kinase

Axl Kinase Biology
  • BGBC003 - AML
  • BGBC004 - NSCLC (mutation driven)
  • BGBC008 - NSCLC (adenocarcinoma)
  • BGBC007 - TNBC
Antibody programmes SUMMARY

BGB149 – a selective anti-Axl kinase monoclonal antibody in late late-stage preclinical development targeting oncology indications. It is expected to enter the clinic in 2018. BGB601 - a selective anti-Axl kinase ADC targeting oncology indications - licensed to a specialist biopharma company for co-development and commercialisation.

Target: Axl kinase

Axl Kinase Biology
  • BGB149 - oncology (anti-AXL mAb)
  • BGB101 - oncology (AXL ADC)- LICENSED
Discovery pipeline - small molecule AXL inhibitors SUMMARY

BGB002 and BGB003 – small molecule candidates in development for oncology indications. Both target novel mechanisms in EMT.

Novel EMT targets for aggressive drug resistant cancers

The EMT process
  • BGB002 - oncology
  • BGB003 - oncology

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