Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee of BerGenBio ASA consists of three members, elected pursuant to section 9 of the Company’s articles of association. The majority of the members of the Nomination Committee shall be independent of the Company’s board of directors and the management. Members are elected for two years at a time.

The Company’s general meeting elects the members of the Nomination Committee and determines their remuneration.

The Nomination Committee shall recommend:

  • candidates for the election of members and chairman to the Board of Directors; and
  • remuneration of the Board of Directors.

The Nomination Committee consists of Ann-Tove Kongsnes (chairman), Hans Peter Bøhn and Masha P.N Le Gris Strømme and can be reached at

The current Nomination Committee was elected at the general meeting 22 March 2017, and all members of the Nomination Committee are elected until the annual general meeting in 2019.
Link to instruction for the Nomination Committee

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is a sub-committee of BerGenBio ASA’s board of directors and its objective is to act as a preparatory and advisory body in relation to the Company’s remuneration of executive management. The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to ensure thorough and independent preparation of matters relating to compensation to the executive personnel. The majority of the committee members should be independent of the Company’s operations.

In particular, the Remuneration Committee shall:

  • review the remuneration and benefits strategy for the members of the executive management of BerGenBio;
  • review the performance of the executive management versus the adopted objectives and recruitment policies, career planning and management development plans; and
  • prepare matters relating to other material employment issues in respect of the executive management.

The remuneration committee consists of:
Sveinung Hole (chairman), Stein Holst Annexstad and Hilde Furberg

Audit Committee

The audit committee is a sub-committee of BerGenBio ASA’s board of directors and its objective is to act as a preparatory body in connection with the Board of Directors’ supervisory roles with respect to financial reporting and the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control system, and other tasks assigned to the audit committee in accordance with the provisions set forth in these instructions.

The Audit Committee supports the Board of Directors in the administration and exercise of its responsibility for supervision in accordance with applicable provisions of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act and Norwegian securities legislation, as well as applicable listing standards of Oslo Børs.

The audit committee consists of:
Jon Øyvind Eriksen (chairman), Kari Grønås and Stein Holst Annexstad